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Aervoe Marker Spray Paint 556ml 12pk

Aervoe Marker Spray Paint 556ml 12pk

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Aervoe Marker Spray Paint

  1. Extra Large Aerosol 556ml
  2. Lasts up to 3 months on the ground*
  3. Cans are guaranteed to empty - with no clogging!


The flagship of the marking paint line offering a high-quality paint that is priced competitively to meet a variety of upside-down marking applications, while providing good colour visibility and durability.

*Mark lasts up to three months - depending on traffic and exposure.

This quality marking paint is packaged in a can that may only be operated in an upside down position. It is formulated to meet a variety of marking applications while still providing good initial colour visibility, good colour retention, and adhesion.

Designed to adhere to most surfaces, including pavement, gravel, and soil. It can be used for marking at construction sites, locator and utility identification, landscaping, or other general marking requirements. It is not recommended for use on short cut grass such as golf course greens.

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