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Allen Pan 36" Clip-on 4-Blade

Allen Pan 36" Clip-on 4-Blade

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Allen Pan 36" Clip-on 4-Blade

OD: 36.5", 67 degree Lip, 4-Blade 

Also fits - Bartell, Belle, Edco, ESI, Essick Kelley, Marshalltown, Masalta, MBW, Rhin-O-Tuff, Stow, Stone/Toro, Wacker, Weber, MultiQuip/Whiteman

Allen Engineering pioneered the use of floating discs (or pans) on riding trowels in 1989 and Allen® Pans remain today the finisher’s choice when high FF Numbers are specified on a concrete floor. Allen’s flat pan tolerances cut bumps and fill low spots in the concrete floor. Insist on Allen® Steel Pans for your Allen Riders and Walk-Behinds. Made to the same exacting tolerances as the trowels themselves, nothing finishes better.

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