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Allen USA Finishing Blades 24"

Allen USA Finishing Blades 24"

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Allen USA Finishing Blades 60cm (24")

24" Edger Trowel Blades - Set of 4

5" x 9.25" Silver Series (101mm x 235mm)

Allen Engineering offers a complete line of finish blades, combination blades and clip-on float shoes for your walk-behind or ride-on power trowels. We use high quality steel or composite plastic with six high strength rivets to maximise blade life. For the flattest floors, trust only Allen Finishing Blades. And, Allen Blades fit most other brands of walkers and riders.

Also fits - Allen, Bartell, Belle, Edco, ESI, Essick Kelley, Marshalltown, Masalta, MBW, Rhin-O-Tuff, Stow, Stone/Toro, Wacker, MultiQuip/Whiteman

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