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Beton Porta-Trowel Concrete Trowel

Beton Porta-Trowel Concrete Trowel

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Beton Porta-Trowel Concrete Trowel

The BTPT75H Porta Trowel combines lightweight design with improved operator safety and allows for earlier commencement of concrete finishing when compared to heavier walk behind machines.

Matched with multi-use combination blades and a variable-length pole, this unit achieves optimum control from up to 6 meters away and allows the operator to complete finishing works without the need to step foot on the wet concrete.

  • Lightweight design.
  • Control from up to 6m away.
  • Easy control directional steering function.
  • Robust, durable and fully sealed inline planetary gearbox.
  • Blade pitch function of up to 25 degrees.
  • Trowel Diameter 750mm (30”).
  • Clip Together Handles Sold Separately.
Model Operating Diameter Engine Options Handle Type Weight
BTPT75H 75cm (24″) Honda GX35, 1.5 HP Snap handle type 20 Kg

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