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Concrete Core Bits Wet - 250mm Long

Concrete Core Bits Wet - 250mm Long

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Wet Cutting Concrete Core Bits.

250mm long with the standard 1-1/4" UNC Thread.

The special short core bit for those jobs with limited space to work in.

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Product Description:

The diamond core drill bit segment for concrete is the laser welded to the core, it can be widely used in drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry with superior efficiency.  The segment shape (from 40mm) is the fast cutting turbo segment. They can be used on Stand-Mounted Core Drills, or Hand-Held Core Drills.


1. Industry leading technology that provides consistently high performance in the widest range of reinforced concrete.

2. Superior cutting speed and long life in a variety of applications.

3. Wet drilling

 Fast Drilling & Long Life

 Certificates: CE/EN13236

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