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Dewalt Battery Saw & 10 Blade COMBO

Dewalt Battery Saw & 10 Blade COMBO

Dewalt Kit + 2x 100-1173
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The DCS691X2 is a cordless saw with a 54 volt brushless motor without the hassle of a pull cord start up, petrol fumes or engine maintenance. It offers a 83mm depth of cut for a single pass in cobble stones, concrete block and other applications. The adjustable guard has five positions to optimise angle and visibility when cutting horizontally and vertically. Water is delivered directly to the blade, allowing for superior dust management when cutting concrete.

DEWALT Saw + Premium Blade Combo

  • The DCS691X2 cordless saw (with water feed)
  • 1 x fast charger
  • 2 x batteries
  • 1 x Dewalt GP Brick Blade
  • 10 x Professional Concrete Block Blades

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