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DUSS B13B Drill

DUSS B13B Drill

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DUSS B13B Drill - Made in Germany


  • Installing large screws
  • Small and large drill holes (1st / 2nd gear)
  • Working with hole saws and Forstner bits
  • Removing screws
  • Mixing and stirring viscous substances
  • Applications requiring high torque (drilling into stainless steel panels, threading with low torque, etc.)

    Other Features

    • Very high torque in 1st gear (120 Nm)
    • High speed in 2nd gear
    • Speed infinitely adjustable with pushbutton switch
    • Clockwise / anticlockwise selector switch
    • Direct torque control (DTC) protects the mechanical components of the drill driver from being overloaded
    • High-strength magnesium gear housing
    • Robust, heavy-duty drill spindle mounting
    • 3-level reduced 2-speed gear
    • Robust, large dimensioned side handle, pivotable about 360 degrees with a gummed surface for a safe grip
    • High quality keyless chuck for a rapid and easy too
    B 13 B drill driver
    Rated input power 760 W
    Machine weight 2.8 kg
    Screwing in softwood, without pilot drilling, max. 11 x 400 mm
    Screws in soft wood, without pre-drilling, max. 120 Nm
    Drill spindle thread 1/2 "- 20 UNF
    Collet 43 mm
    Clamping range drill chuck slide. 1.5-13 mm
    Drill- in soft wood with Forstner bit 1st gear 51 - 80 mm
    Drill- in soft wood with Forstner bit, 2nd gear up to 50 mm
    Speed at nominal load 1st gear 0 - 170 rpm
    Speed at rated load 2nd gear 0 - 1320 rpm