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Insulated Contractors Spade

Insulated Contractors Spade

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Insulated Contractors Spade

Expert Quality fully insulated cable laying shovel designed for working on or near live cable and wires.

Individually tested to 10000 volts; guaranteeing safe working on 1000V and complying to the BS 8020: 2011 standards.

Manufactured with an inner metal core made from a single piece of heat-treated and tempered solid forged steel attached to a fully enclosed insulated shaft with hand slip guard.

Each shovel is supplied with a certificate of conformity which correlates with a unique traceability number embossed on the shaft.

Designed for digging trenches for cable laying etc. An essential tool for ground-working near live cables.

Length: 1006mm

Manufactured and individually certified to BS8020 standard.

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