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MONGOOSE Power Core Drill - Pistol Grip
MONGOOSE Power Core Drill - Pistol Grip

MONGOOSE Power Core Drill - Pistol Grip

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MONGOOSE Power Core Drill is a robust powerful tradesman's tool.

This powerful 3-Speed, 2200W compact drill, weighting only 7.5kg, is suitable for wet or dry core drilling. Fitting with the standard 1 1/4" UNC spindle.

Main features:

  1. 3-speed (650/1300/2600RPM) gearbox, plus a variable speed trigger. Low speed, 650RPM, for drill up to 162mm in concrete and 202mm in brick. Medium speed, 1300RPM, for drilling up to 82mm in concrete and 102mm in brick. High Speed, 2600RPM, for drilling up to 42mm in concrete and 62mm in brick.
  2. Two operation methods: Hand-held Drilling or can be fitted to our DSP-162 Drill Stand.
  3. Adjustable front handle.
  4. Soft start for protection. The motor will start gradually to avoid current over-load when drilling into hard material.
  5. PRCD fitted. To protect the operator and the Drill
  6. Mechanical clutch equipped. For further operator protection
  7. External replaceable carbon brushes
  8. Magnesium shell, to reduce weight while keeping it rigid and strong
  9. Pistol Grip Handle

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