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THOR Copper/Rawhide Hammer 3lb

THOR Copper/Rawhide Hammer 3lb

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THOR Copper/Rawhide Hammer 3lb

38mm 1070g (3lb)
The Copper face combined with the Malleable Iron head gives a SAFE but high-impact blow, whilst the Hide face gives a firm resilient blow that will not mark the finished work.

  • Size 2
  • Fitted with one Copper and one Rawhide face
  • Faces are designed to wear and to be replaced by hand.
  • All faces are one piece moulded.
  • Wooden Handle.
  • No metal pegs or inserts to damage the workpiece when worn.
  • Serrations in the metal head prevent faces coming loose during use.
  • Faces have a shoulder for extra strength and to prevent fracture from misdirected blows.
  • Weight: 1070g.
  • Face Diameter 38mm.

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