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Demolition Blades - Tungsten Tip

Demolition Blades - Tungsten Tip

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Demolition Blades - Tungsten Tip

Tungsten Carbide Tooth "Gorilla" Demolition Blade: Manufactured from premium quality steel and made specifically for use on circular saws.

The NEW ultra thin 1.6mm kerf and 1mm blade width is designed for increased balance, reduced heat and vibration, resulting in faster, smoother, cleaner cuts and an increase in the blade life up to 2x longer. Advanced laser cut stabilising vents reduce noise and vibration - also reducing wobble and warping during use. High strength welded tungsten carbide tips (TCT) with high precision sharpening of a 24 tooth blade will deliver the quality cut finish of a 48 tooth blade and the toughness to withstand impact from timber with nails or bolts and other obstruction making it the perfect tool for roofing, renovating, framing, demolition or construction. Finally the fin design feature behind every TCT tooth is designed to clear the cutting area of material, further reducing heat and preventing kickback when coming into contact with any obstructions.

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