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DUSS Combi Hammer Drill PX78
DUSS Combi Hammer Drill PX78
DUSS Combi Hammer Drill PX78

DUSS Combi Hammer Drill PX78

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DUSS PX78 1500W SDS Max (Combi Hammer) - Made in Germany

This SDS Max/Combi Hammer has been designed and made by DUSS (Germany) who have been in business for 99 years. They are high quality machines made using high grade materials combined with precision-engineered parts.

This drill is called a Combi Hammer because of the three (3) functions they can perform:

  • SDS drilling
  • Chiselling and
  • Core drilling

Other Applications:

  • Drilling medium-sized holes
  • Drilling through-holes
  • Sinking sockets
  • Medium-category chiseling work
  • Chasing grooves and slots
  • Repair work

Other Features:

  • Outstanding drilling and chiseling performance
  • Active vibration damping (RVA), ensuring comfortable continuous use
  • Screw-in, vibration damped auxiliary handle for non-fatiguing, back-saving posture when drilling and chiseling downwards
  • LED display for optimum service planning
  • Consistently high engine output thanks to optimized engine cooling
  • Electronic for constant speed control
  • Speed and impact force infinitely adjustable with adjusting dial
  • Rapid changeover from hammer drilling to chiselling and vice versa
  • Chisel can be positioned in twenty ways
  • Maintenance-free (with lifetime lubrication)
  • Low-wear safety clutch
PX 78 combi hammer
Rated power 1500 W
Machine weight 7.6 kg
Chuck SDS-max
Drilling range with drill bit dia. 12 - 80 mm
Drilling range with core bit dia. 45 -150 mm
Drilling performance in hard C45/55 concrete (dia. 35 mm) 160 mm/min
Single impact energy 4.5 - 10 J
Rated speed 170 - 310 rpm
Impact rate, adjustable 1800 - 3370 impacts/min
Chiselling performance in hard C45/55 concrete with pointed chisel approx. 200 kg/h
Vibration data drilling/chiselling - normal setting 9.8/6.8 m/s
Vibration data drilling/chiselling - compressor setting 8.2/6.3 m/s

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