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Knipex Insulated Long Nose Pliers

Knipex Insulated Long Nose Pliers

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Knipex Insulated Long Nose Pliers - 200mm

200mm Knipex Longnose Pliers - Insulated
  • Needle nose pliers (stork beak pliers) for assembly, alignment, and gripping work, especially in the electrical trade.
  • Very long pointed, flat rounded jaws.
  • Cutting edges with bite type cut for soft, medium-hard, and hard wire; cutting capacity for 3.2mm medium-hard wire, cutting capacity for 2.2mm hard wire.
  • Forged from vanadium electric steel and oil-hardened; cutting edges additionally induction hardened to approx. 61 HRC for exceptionally high cutting force.
  • Pliers are chrome plated.
  • Insulated with multi-component grips. 
  • VDE tested.
  • Weight 204g.

Made in Germany

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